You have decided to homeschool; now you need a plan. There are so many wonderful resources, planners, websites, and curricula, but how do you put it all together into a plan you can execute on Monday? Wading through the sea of choices and arranging all the components into a comprehensive school plan can seem daunting! Author and home educator Holly Britton understands what it takes to make the most of your child’s at-home education, and has formulated a clear, easy-to-read guide for your entire school year in The Planned Approach.

Whether you take a classical approach, the Charlotte Mason approach, a traditional approach or an eclectic approach, every home educator should consider a planned approach to their school year. Year after year, The Planned Approach will guide you systematically through the planning process, providing you with a framework, advice, and reminders for putting together your student’s academic plan.

The Planned Approach will walk you, the home educator, through the steps needed to create a thorough, do-able school plan for your homeschool students.  Forethought can mean the difference between a sloppy, unproductive day and a day filled with learning and smiles.  Your personality, strengths, and passions will shape your school.  The learning styles, dispositions, and ambitions of your students should guide your planning.  Plans from one home school to the next will be distinct because of the vast differences in style, needs, and emphasis.  A successful school year is predicated on proper assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, proclivities, and appetites of the teacher and students, a learning environment filled with rich teaching materials, and an educator dedicated to inspiring and nurturing his or her students.

The Planned Approach is a guide to help you chart your homeschooling course annually, and a compass to keep you headed in the right direction.  This book will take you step by step through the planning process from assessing yourself and your students, to making weekly lesson plans.  It is meant to be used as an annual checklist of planning considerations, and serve as a reminder of the various aspects of the process.  It has been kept succinct, so that you can quickly and easily access the information when needed.  The Planned Approach is written for home educators confident in their planning abilities, as well as for those uncertain about how to proceed.