The Planned Approach helps you set your course and guides you as you navigate this adventure we call homeschooling.  It outlines the essential steps to establishing a feasible and successful plan for your upcoming school year. The guide is meant to be used as an annual checklist of necessary components for a great homeschool.  It is not an exhaustive “how-to,” but it includes tips on juggling multiple ages, choosing curriculum, and evaluating yourself and your students.  More than just a pat on the back, The Planned Approach gives you the practical help you’ve been looking for to create a learning plan for your kids.  Read more

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If you had told me that was going to teach my own kids from home, I would have called you crazy. I grew up in California where I attended public school and eventually graduated from UC Davis. I worked professionally as a personal fitness trainer and for most my life had thought I was headed into a career as a veterinarian.  The Lord in His wisdom, however,  steered my life in a different direction.

I have been blessed with a devoted husband, four kids, several horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and at the time of this writing, two pigs. In addition to educating my kids, I interpret for the Deaf in my church and serve in a local non-profit service group. I enjoy playing the guitar, training my horses, and participating in Toastmasters International.  All this to show that my life is full of LEARNING, which is so important to anyone trying to teach!

I’ve been homeschooling for over 16 years.  My book, The Planned Approach is the book I would have bought if it had been available when I started.  It is not complicated, ingenious, or new. It is simply the systematic approach I take every year when planning my school year. The approach to planning has come from years of homeschool experiences-good and bad- and is offered to my fellow home educators with the heartfelt hope of getting you on the right course and guiding you through the journey.  I hope that it offers valuable insight as you put together a plan to educate your kids.  May the Lord bless you as you courageously navigate this homeschool journey!

Holly Britton, Home Educator