Homeschool Planning and parenting lectures can be heard at listed homeschool conventions, workshops, or online.

2015 Speaking Schedule:

June 11-13 SCOPE/CHEA Homeschool Conference, Rocklin, CA
Lecture 1: Building Your Homeschool Lesson Plan
     Lecture 2: How to Teach Subjects I Don’t Know

July 24, 25- Valley Home Educators Homeschool Convention, Modesto, CA
Lecture 1: The Basic Process of Learning
Lecture 2: Brain Training Exercises for Learning

August 2015 Homeschool High School for Locals, Sonora, CA (Get details and RSVP at


2014 Speaking Schedule:

May- Planned Approach Workshop for Grades K-4 -Sonora, CA (register at
May- Planned Approach Workshop for Grades 5-8 -Sonora, CA (register at
May- Silver Spur Women’s Retreat (registration required)
July 10 6:30-9:00pm -Planned Approach Planning Workshop Part 1

July 25 &26- Valley Home Educators Homeschool Convention, Modesto CA (open to the public) 4 Lectures:
Building your Homeschool Lesson Plan-Part 1 & 2 (Part 1 & 2 Blank Handout)  (Part 1 & 2 Filled In Handout)
How to Teach Subjects I Don’t Know
Planning and Piecing: Putting It All Together

August 5-Planned Approach Workshop “Other Planning Considerations”-Sonora, CA  Contact for location details.

Other speaking engagements and workshops  TBA. Check back soon.


The Planned Approach workshop is a 3 to 4 hour class designed to help home educators create a plan for the coming home school year.  The workshop starts at the heart of your home school– your vision and purpose. It covers an overview of the school year, how to create a week-at-a-glance, and “what to do on Monday.”  It provides a framework within which to build your personal school plan.

Class participants review the components of a healthy education and discuss how to assemble them into a do-able school plan. The workshop includes tips on choosing age-appropriate curriculum, making school a joy, and juggling multiple age levels.

The workshop is taught by Holly Britton mother and home educator of four, author of “The Planned Approach: A Home Educator’s Guide to Designing the School Year”  (See “About” page)

Currently, the planning workshop is only offered in California. Contact Holly at


Fostering Family Friendship (Valley Home Educators-Modesto, CA July 2012)
Fostering Family Friendship (SCOPE Conference-Sacramento, CA June 2013
Foster Family Friendship-handout

Piecing It All Together (SCOPE Conference-Sacramento, CA June 2013)


Summer Workshops (Sonora, San Diego, Vallecito, CA)

Managing My Emotions so My Kids Can Manage Theirs (MOPS-Sonora, CA)
Mommy Mentor (Silver Spur-Tuolumne, CA)
The “Uncommon” Woman (Silver Spur- Tuolumne, CA)